Trustwork Tutorials

Trustwork is a platform to empower people from all backgrounds— including babysitters, engineers, construction workers, tutors, and attorneys.

Learn how to utilize Trustwork's platform to grow your business, connect with people, and become successful.


Need to get some work done? Create a post!

  1. Tap on the Create a Post box or one of the icons below
  2. Enter your title. You can post immediately or continue adding more details
  3. Add in additional details such as a description, location, photos, or compensation
  4. Hit the Post button. Your post will now be live in the Posts tab


Filter posts to the ones that interest you

  • Tap on Filter by Location to see posts at a specific location
  • See posts in specific categories and groups with Filter by Category


Adding profile information helps others learn more about you

  1. In the Me tab, tap on the Edit Profile button
  2. Change your photos, occupation, location, and strategic purpose
  3. Hit the Save button


Promoting yourself or the services you offer is an excellent way to make connections and grow your business. Whether you're a babysitter, painter, or an engineer, Trustwork connects everyone to encourage productivity.

  1. To promote yourself or your services, start by posting into the Services category.
  2. Give your post a title, and describe what you're trying to promote.
  3. Add attachments, location, or any other details you want people to know
  4. Hit Post and see your new promotion live on Trustwork!


Build your network by connecting with people

  1. Find your connections with the search bar at the top
  2. Tap on the Connect button to send a connection request
  3. You will be connected once they accept your request



Props are skills & traits that best represent you. Encourage your connections to give you props

  1. When visiting someone's profile, tap on the ? to give props
  2. Add a custom prop by using the field at the bottom
  3. You can set props on your own profile on the Me tab


Start the conversation by saying hi to your connections.

  1. Send someone a message from their profile or by searching for them
  2. You can also start a message directly from your Messages tab

  1. In the Me tab, tap on the Settings gear in the top right
  2. Tap on Invite to Trustwork
  3. Enter the phone numbers or emails of the people you want to invite, separated by commas
  4. Hit the Send button



Bids allow you to formally inquire about a post. Make your best offer and start working

  1. Tap on the Place a Bid button on a post
  2. Enter your price and an additional message to send
  3. Your bid will be sent. You can edit or retract your bid at any time
  4. If your bid is accepted, you will immediately start working on the post



Manage all posts that you interact with in the My Work tab. Posts are organized into the following sections:

  • New — Posts that you've created or bid on. These posts have not started work yet
  • In Progress — Posts that have been agreed upon and has started work
  • Complete — Posts that are marked complete. This includes posts that have been completed but are pending payment
  • Records — Posts that have been deleted or canceled. This serves as a history of all posts you've interacted with.